Sandra grew up on 440th Boulevard, a uniquely named very small street populated by only her grandparents and parents.  The family named their street in tribute to her paternal grandfather’s Army service in the 440th Signal Corps.

Sandra’s maternal grandfather also served in the Army and her grandmother was a parachute packer in World War II. Having close family who served informs Sandra’s commitment to veterans and military families.

Sandra has been endorsed by many veteran's advocacy leaders:
Military Mental Health Project
Susan L. Burke, Attorney for Victims of Military Sexual Assault
Zoe Dunning, former Board Co-Chair, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network*
Toni Reinis, Co-Founder, New Directions for Veterans
Lawson Stuart, Chair, California Democratic Party Veterans’ Caucus

Some of Sandra’s priorities include:

Mental Health Services

Members of the military have given a great service to our country, but we shouldn’t ask them to continue to bear that burden alone when they return home. These burdens can be especially great for survivors of military sexual trauma. Sandra will help veterans and active military members get affordable, confidential access to the mental health services they need.


Sandra will work to ensure that veterans returning home are given credit for the skills they gained during their service, and are given preference in hiring for relevant positions. For example, military medics are exceptionally well qualified to serve the public as EMT’s.

The employment prospects for spouses of military members must also be improved. Currently, they face career disruptions with every transfer. Sandra will decrease bureaucratic licensing barriers so that military spouses can more easily resume work when they move in or out of California.

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