Sandra is a recognized leader for gender equality and reproductive justice.

As an attorney, Sandra has dedicated herself to representing those who could not afford a lawyer. She is one of the longest running volunteer attorneys at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, representing victims of human trafficking, including girls in Los Angeles forced into sex trafficking by gangs.

She also produced an informative film to help victims of violence and abuse obtain restraining orders in Los Angeles courts, and represented those victims at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County.

Sandra came to national attention when she testified before members of Congress regarding comprehensive insurance coverage for birth control, and then took on Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators when they launched sexist attacks against her and all women. At home in California, she has continued to advocate for comprehensive health coverage and respect for the reproductive decisions of all women.

As your State Senator, she will continue to fight for full equality and opportunity for all women, using her national platform to ensure California remains a leader on these issues.

Sandra has been endorsed by many gender equality leaders:
California NOW
EMILY's List
NARAL Pro-Choice California
National Women's Political Caucus of California
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County
Ilyse Hogue, President, NARAL

Christine Pelosi, Chair, CDP Women’s Caucus
Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem

Some of Sandra’s priorities include:

Pay Equity

In the fight for something as important as pay equity, it's critical that our government leads by example. That is why Sandra has called for an audit of California State employees to study how much women and men in comparable positions are paid and to analyze if women are reaching the upper echelons of State jobs, and if not, why not. Click here to read Sandra's op-ed on pay equity in California.

Paid Leave Protections

We must also level the financial playing field by expanding job protections for those who find themselves in the family caregiver role - a role that disproportionately goes to women. That is why Sandra will introduce a bill to include additional protections in California's paid family leave policy, so those taking time off to care for their families don't need to be afraid that they'll lose their jobs. Click here to read Sandra's op-ed on paid leave and other ways we can help support women in California. 

Increasing Access to Reproductive Healthcare

In California, we still allow certain medical staff and medical institutions to refuse to provide reproductive healthcare without requiring that they provide an adequate referral to a patient enabling that patient to locate the care they need elsewhere.  Some women are confused or shamed by the refusal or may not know where else to turn.  Sandra will work to ensure this ends. 

Early Childhood Education

Sandra will prioritize investment in early childhood education. Investing more in early childhood education gives caregivers, disproportionately women, flexibility and more opportunities to pursue their careers with adequate support. Increasing the State's investment also provides increased job opportunities for early childhood education providers, an industry primarily staffed by women. Click here to read Sandra's op-ed on early childhood education and other ways to support women in the workforce.  

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