Sandra’s career has always been devoted to the public interest, whether representing victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, or advocating for progressive legislation.

Sandra came to national attention in 2012 when she testified before members of Congress regarding comprehensive reproductive health care coverage. She then fought back against Rush Limbaugh when he and conservative commentators and politicians launched sexist attacks against her and all women, protecting a woman's right to be heard by her government without fear of being silenced. Once thrust into the national spotlight, she used this platform as a powerful tool to speak out for progressive change.

Sandra has helped draft, negotiate, and pass numerous pieces of legislation, and is focused on everyday priorities, like tackling student loan debt, protecting the environment, expanding access to early childhood education, and ensuring fair wages for workers.

Sandra’s priorities include: 

Gender Equality

Campaign Finance & Government Reform

Environment & Transportation

Health Care


Jobs, Economic Security and Worker Protection

Veterans and Military Families

LGBTQ Rights

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