As someone who grew up in a middle-class, union household, Sandra watched up close as good jobs disappeared and understands first-hand the importance of labor protections. These experiences inspire Sandra’s strong commitment to ensuring security and opportunity for all families.

For more than two years, Sandra worked closely with a coalition of domestic workers throughout California to pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. This bill, expanding domestic workers' overtime protections, was signed into law by Governor Brown last fall, making California one of the first states to lead on this issue.

Sandra has been on the strike lines with fast food workers fighting for a living wage and actively supported the successful effort in Los Angeles to implement a living wage for hotel workers. She also stood with county social workers to bring protective services caseloads down to a level that adequately addressed the safety of our children, a need she witnessed while she was an attorney for the same children, working with those social workers.

Sandra has been endorsed by many of the leading advocates for working men and women:
California Federation of Teachers
California Nurses Association
California Professional Firefighters
United Farm Workers
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770
Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, United Farm Workers

Some of Sandra’s priorities include:

Linking Business and Education

Students should have many opportunities to explore, including adequate preparation to enter our global economy. Many green tech and clean tech jobs are available in California, but our students must have the technical skills and experience needed to do those jobs. Sandra will make linking labor, education and the economy a top priority.

Investing in Growing Industries

Sandra will advocate for additional investment and support to help new, start-up ventures in the high-tech and entertainment industries to create good-paying jobs that will last. As the wife of an entertainment industry professional, she knows the impact that runaway production has, not only on workers and artists in the industry, but on the service industry and our entire economy. That’s why Sandra is a strong supporter of the recently passed film tax credit.

Preparing for Climate Change

Tragically, our inaction in the face of global climate change has endured long enough, that some consequences are now inevitable. As a result, we must upgrade our coastal infrastructure to be prepared for the impact of climate change. While regrettable, this need for infrastructure improvement does provide an opportunity for State investment that creates good-paying jobs in our communities.

Fair Wages

No one should work full-time and still have to decide between putting food on the table and paying rent. Nor should she or he be forced to rely upon public assistance. Sandra will fight for a fair wage for all workers, so everyone has the ability to provide for their family. Increased wages for low-wage workers also provide a much-needed boost to our local economy because these workers immediately spend more at local businesses.

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