Sandra has fought for years for comprehensive health insurance reform that will ensure all Californians have affordable access to care. Sandra's work protecting access to reproductive health care is especially well known, but she has also been a strong voice for healthcare access for the trans and immigrant communities and for preventive care for all.

Sandra has been endorsed by many leaders working to improve healthcare:
California Nurses Association
Military Mental Health Project

NARAL Pro-Choice California
National Association of Social Workers
National Union of Healthcare Workers
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County
Union of American Physicians and Dentists, Local 206

Some of Sandra’s priorities include:

Improving Upon the Affordable Care Act

Sandra knows the Affordable Care Act needs improvement and has a plan for accomplishing that in California. She supports measures to decrease the cost of insurance, including allowing the Insurance Commissioner to regulate health insurance pricing as he currently does for other forms of insurance. She will also work to ensure that the ACA is implemented in a manner that doesn't limit the benefits currently available to Californians through programs like FPACT (Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment).

Increasing Access to Reproductive Healthcare

In California, we still allow certain medical staff and medical institutions to refuse to provide reproductive healthcare without requiring that they provide an adequate referral to a patient enabling that patient to locate the care they need elsewhere. Some women are confused or shamed by the refusal or may not know where else to turn. Sandra will work to ensure this ends.

Click here to read Sandra's op-ed on the recent Hobby Lobby case and its impact on women's access to reproductive healthcare. 

Veteran Mental Health Services

Members of the military have given a great service to our country, but we shouldn’t ask them to continue to bear that burden alone when they return home. These burdens can be especially great for survivors of military sexual trauma. Sandra will help veterans and active military members get affordable, confidential access to the mental health services they need.

Support for Survivors of Violence

Representing survivors primarily of gender-related violence for many years, Sandra knows we can do more to provide them with the adequate support they need. Sandra will work to guarantee that victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault have access to quality health care and other critical services.

Click here to read Sandra's op-ed in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and click here to read Sandra's op-ed on the epidemic of campus sexual assault


As a result of implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many Californians living with HIV or AIDS are facing continuum of care concerns. Sandra will work to ensure benefits are aligned so no patients lose financial support, and all insurance providers and programs have adequate numbers of relevant specialist providers in network. The rate of HIV infection is also particularly high within specific populations, indicating that additional funding for education and outreach is required.

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