Sandra will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to Sacramento. Sandra isn't a career politician and isn’t beholden to special interests, giving her the independence necessary to fight for critical reforms and bring necessary transparency to government and our political process. Sandra has lived her values on the issue of campaign finance reform - she has funded her campaign through the support of more than 5,000 grassroots donors, giving her the independence to take on the tough fights, regardless of the personal consequences, and stand up for our community. 

Sandra has been endorsed by leaders working on issues of campaign finance & government reform:
Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California
Democracy for America

Derek Cressman, Campaign Finance Reform Advocate
Miriam Aroni Krinsky, Former President, LA City Ethics Commission

Seth Stodder, No Party Preference Community Leader

Some of Sandra’s priorities include:

Campaign Finance Reform

Sandra is committed to passing tough reforms to reduce the influence of big money in politics. For example, she will work to create a small-dollar matching program to encourage candidates to seek support from everyday people, elevating the needs of the community and giving special interests less of a voice.

Increase Transparency

Special interests shouldn’t be buying our elections. Sandra believes that in order to hold our elected leaders and candidates accountable, we must have more transparency. That is why she will push for reforms to make elections more transparent and leaders more accountable by making it easier for voters to know who is funding campaigns.

Prop 13 Reform

Reforming Prop 13, specifically closing the corporate tax loophole on property reassessment and implementing split roll, will be a top priority of Sandra’s. She does understand the importance of ensuring small businesses are protected in the process of implementing split roll. Sandra does not believe, however, that this reform should apply to residential property, and would continue to protect residential homeowners from property tax increases. 

Closing the corporate tax loophole would provide much needed revenues for a whole host of priorities in our state. Returning tax increases to normal legislative and ballot initiative passage rates would allow our state the flexibility we require to meet current and future economic challenges.

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