Sandra believes that global climate change is one of the most critical issues of our time. That is why she has spoken out in support of a statewide fracking moratorium, plastic bag ban, and why she takes the responsibility of being an environmental champion in the legislature very seriously.

Some of Sandra’s priorities include:


One of the most urgent environmental issues for Senate District 26 and the state is water. SD 26 is a majority coastal district, and includes the Ballona Wetlands, Santa Monica Bay and Hyperion treatment plant. Sandra will work to protect our local water supply with a focus on recycling, conservation and storm water capture.


The Westside of Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic in the region. We must solve this problem, for the health of both our community and our environment. Increasing investment in current projects, like extending the purple line down Wilshire, bringing the Expo to the ocean and 405 improvements, as well as developing transit to connect the South Bay to the rest of the region is critical. Sandra will also prioritize investment in other alternatives, like active transportation, so people feel safe when they walk or bike, and so public transit users have feasible options for the first and last mile of their trip.

Fracking and Coastal Protection

We must protect our coast from offshore drilling and fracking, starting with an immediate moratorium on fracking and other dangerous drilling practices. Sandra is a strong supporter of the efforts by the Los Angeles City Council and applauds Senator Holly Mitchell (one of Sandra’s strongest supporters) for introducing a moratorium in the State Senate.

Finally, we must protect our coast from overdevelopment. Sandra supports implementation of strong local coastal programs that give local government more control and prevent over development.

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